When it comes to Goa trance music, art and culture, Balkan Goa Fanatics has been one of the most important organizations in recent years. It was founded in Croatia in 2014. during the global celebration of Suntrip Records (Goa trance label from Belgium) 10th anniversary followed by many parties worldwide, from Japan to Brazil, but one of the biggest events and first full-time Goa festival was the one that Balkan Goa Fanatics collective hosted in Croatia (more than 60 artists from different corners of the world came near Zagreb (Jankomir forest) to play music during the 5 days.

Even festival it self wasn’t financial success, more than 300 visitors enjoyed the magical vibe of Goa trance music and experienced that event as one of the most beautiful Goa trance experience. Positive feedback and smiling faces were one of the biggest reasons why people behind the festival decided to continue the story next year.

Second festival (Balkan Goa Fanatics – Rise Of The Phoenix) was held in 2015 (20th-24th August) on different location and environment, introducing Goa music to Lika region (Kaštel Žegar, besides river Zrmanja with amazing view on Velebit mountain). Even festival had some logistic issues from the start, once again it was marked as one of the better Goa events with diverse, but stylisticly profiled line-up and a lot of positive feedbacks from the festival visitors.

After one year break, third festival is on it’s way with strong foundations and reputation to bring best possible Goa trance music on most gorgeous locations in this part of Europe. The Island of Lošinj was selected as the place that will connect people, introduce them Croatian nature in best possible way. Bond between astonishing seaside nature and spiritual electronic music is additional formula that will give it’s input to the already traditionaly tourism-based region. Ecological awareness, respect of nature and society is the main codex of the Balkan Goa Fanatics organization and people who are part of this urban scene.